9e colloque intermédiaire du groupe de l‘ICOM-CC Art Technological Source Research

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9e colloque intermédiaire du groupe de l‘ICOM-CC Art Technological Source Research 


24 et 25 Novembre 2022 
Galerie Colbert, Auditorium
Le groupe de travail ICOM-CC Art Technological Source Research (ATSR) fêtera ses 20 ans lors de la 9e rencontre intermédiaire rencontre intermédiaire les 24 et 25 novembre 2022. Organisé par l’HiCSA et l’ATSR, le colloque se tiendra dans l’auditorium de la galerie Colbert. Ce jubilé invite non seulement à opérer un bilan critique du travail déjà réalisé, mais aussi à se tourner vers l'avenir et à poursuivre la réflexion, l’étude des sources de la technologie de l’art constituant un champ scientifique encore jeune.
Dix-neuf conférences et dix posters exposeront des points méthodologiques et des cas d’étude sur le thème « Work in progress. Explorer les gestes et savoir-faire artistiques à travers les sources de la technologie de l’art ». 
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The ICOM-CC working group Art Technological Source Research will celebrate its 20th birthday with the 9th Interim Meeting hosted by the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne at the INHA Paris. A jubilee invites not only to look back and critically reflect on the state of the art, but also to look forward, the young field of Art Technological Source research being as much “work in progress” as the objects it studies. The meeting thus provides the opportunity for further reflection on the position of art technological source research within the interdisciplinary context of research on works of art. 
Nineteen presentations and 10 posters will discuss methodological questions and case studies on “Work in Progress : The Artists‘ Gestures and Skills Explored Through Art Technological Source Research”.
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Thursday 24 November 2022

08:30 / Registration & coffee
09:15 / Welcome from Claire Betelu on behalf of Sorbonne
09:25 / Welcome from the ATSR WG coordinator 

Session I 

09:30 / Pierre-Olivier Ouellet 
The paintings of François Baillairgé (1759-1830) in light of his Livre des dépenses et affaires (1784-1800)
09:50 / Eva Reinkowski-Häfner
Underpainting in brown. A method of separating form and colour in the work of Johann Friedrich Overbeck
10:10 / Claire Bételu
Jacques Hussenot's Mémoire and his painting technique
10:30 /  Discussion
10:45 / Poster presentations
Monika Kammer, Andreas Dehmer: Unexpectedly experimental:  Working processes by the painter and professor of Fine Art Oskar Zwintscher (1870–1916)
Romain Thomas, Valentina Hristova, Ariane Pinto, Anne-Solenn Le Hô: Gold and its uses in painting practices in the 16th and 17th centuries: a preliminary study of technical sources
10:55 / coffee/tea and poster session
Session II 
11:25 / Vincent Cattersel, Emile Vanbinnebeke, Geert Van der Snickt
Pyrophobia: fire risk management in 17th and 18th-century varnish workshops
11:45 / Anne Haack Christensen
Materials and ephemerality in the 17th century. The making of artistic firework sculptures during the reign of the Danish King Christian IV
12:05 / Discussion
12:15 / lunch/poster session/ATSR business meeting
Session III 
14:00 / Tonny Beentjes, Thijs Hagendijk
Between Procedural Clarity and Gestural Silence. Re-engineering Historical Soldering Techniques from a Book
14:20 / Christoph Krekel, Marian Schuech, Gerhard Eggert
till the gold appears of a proper colour – Historical recipes for gilding wax used for colour manipulation of fire gildings, their historically informed reconstruction and scientific analysis
14:40 / Marie Auger
Photo-transfer on ceramics: investigate the evolution of a craftmanship through manuals
15:00 / Discussion
15:15 / Poster presentations
Umberto Veronesi, Mario Bandiera, Andreia Ruivo, Marta Manso, Marcia Villarigues, Susana Coentro: What colour is it? Experimental replications and the quest for yellows in Portuguese azulejos
Philippe Colomban: Transfer of Technology from Europe to China and Japan in the 17th and 18th Centuries: Painted Enamels
15:25 / tea/poster session
Session IV 
16:00 / Margherita d’Ayala Valva, Nicola Gammaldi, Maria Rosa Lanfranchi, Patrizia Moretti, Camille Noverraz, Francesca Piqué
Gino Severini's writings compared to the analysis of his Swiss wall paintings. Presentation of the source research within an interdisciplinary project
16:20 / Ulrike Palm, Wibke Neugebauer
Investigating Willi Baumeister's painting technique and material use integrating source studies and art-technological research
16:40 / Discussion
16:50 / Poster presentations
Cecilia Rönnerstam: Lost in translation
Stephan Zumbühl, Christophe Zindel: Raw material preparation for shellac varnishes in recipes of the 17th and 18th centuries - Influence of the pre-treatment procedure on the mechanical coating properties
17:00 / drinks/poster session
19:00 / conference dinner
Friday 25 November 2022
Session V 
09:00 / Jan Van Daal
Anticipation, Breakage, Care: Reworking an ABC of Gestural Modifiers in Medieval Art Technology, c. 800 – 1450 
09:20 / Henrike Scholten
Faking the miraculous: materials and motions for making images ‘appear’ in marble
09:40 / Paul Van Laar, Erma Hermens, Gregor Weber
Illuminating the Obscure: An investigation into the complex relationship between optics and art through the works of Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675)
10:00 / Discussion
10:15 / Poster presentations
Mané van Veldhuizen, Ruben Wiersma, Abbie Vandivere: Animating the artist’s gesture: using computational techniques to visualise making processes
Cindy Connelly Ryan, Fenella France, Meghan Wilson, Pádraig O’Machain: Art Technology Source Research Beyond the Sources’ Reach – approaching the reconstruction of late medieval Irish manuscript inks

10:25 / coffee break/poster session

Session VI 
11:00 / Charity Fox, Inga Fraser, Joyce H. Townsend
Re-animating a kinetic work held in frame; using art historical research, source material and realia to inform the remaking and re-enactment of a kinetic collage
11:20 / Vanessa Schwaderlapp, Inken Holubec
Collaboration with artists – the corporate identity of the manufacturer Schoenfeld/LUKAS
11:40 / Rika Pause, S. Berbers, I.G. Van der Werf, Jan-Klaas van den Berg
From Wagner’s Körperfarben to De Ploegs palette. An art technological approach to investigate the synthetic organic pigment use by the Dutch avantgarde
12:00 / Discussion
12:15 / Poster presentations 
Claudine Brunon: Black colour natural
Vanessa Otero, Tiago Veiga, Ângela Santos, Márcia Vilarigues
The W&N 19th century manufacture of madder reds: application to magic lantern slides
12:25 / lunch/poster session
Session VII
14:00 / Anne Servais
How do pigment recipes demonstrate their authors’ technological and artistic skills? The case of brazilwood lake recipes, XIIth-XVIth C.
14:20 / Beate Fücker, Josefine Kramer, Patrick Dietemann, Heike Stege
News from Tegernsee – The Tegernsee Tabula Magna and the Liber illuministarum revisited
14:40 / Indra Kneepkens
On the Choice of Oils and Additives: Practical insights from a reconstruction of The Three Marys at the Tomb
15:00 / Discussion
15:15 / Closing remarks [reflection/summary of the meeting]
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