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Actes Université d'été / Discussing heritage and museums: crossing paths of France and Serbia

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Discussing heritage and museums: crossing paths of France and Serbia

Choice of Articles from the Summer School of Museology Proceedings

Editors Dominique Poulot and Isidora Stanković



Dominique Poulot, Isidora Stanković

Dominique Poulot
The French Museology

Milan Popadić
From Study Subject to Knowledge: Museology as a Course at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade

Miloš Stanković
Serbian Church Art and Cultural Memory in the 19th Century: Russian Influence

Ksenia Smolović
French Perception of Serbia at the 1900 World Fair: A Support to the Serbian National Construction

Isidora Stanković
Heritagization of the Marais District in Paris: Actors and Challenges

Ina Belcheva
Sculptural Graveyards”: Park-Museums of Socialist Monuments as a Search for Consensus

Arnaud Bertinet
Museums Facing the Dangers and Catastrophes That Threaten the Preservation of Collections: The Louvre in Toulouse

Angelina Banković
Cultural Policy and Formation of the Museum Network in Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia. Example of Belgrade

Andrea Delaplace
The Heritage of Immigration: Rethinking the Museum’s Role as a Mediator in Identity Building

Nikola Krstović
Postmodern Choreographing of the Past – Open-Air Museums “Dancing” with Communities

Milena Jokanović
Memory on the Cabinets of Wonders in Modern and Contemporary Art

Adriana Popović
An Outlook on Museology Through a Practice of Clay Modelling Inherited from a Personal Cross History: Beyond a Micro Resistance to Violation of Imagination

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